On the 25th Anniversary of the Strangeways Riot, Things Aren’t Much Better in Britain’s Prisons

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Prison riot, prison rebellion, prison uprising — whatever they’re called, they hit the news, grip public nation and stay long in the memory. In the U.S., Attica is synonymous with prison rebellion. In Britain, it is Strangeways.

On 1st April, 1990, prisoners took charge of Strangeways’ chapel. Within hours they were in control of an entire wing and entrances. They made their way to the roof and began 25 days of public appearances. Britain had never seen anything like it. The nation could not turn away. At first, most were disgusted both by the prisoners’ wanton destruction and their brazenness out in the unusually warm spring sun. These first impressions, though, were founded on unfamiliarity with the system. As a hardcore of protestors remained on the roof into a second, a third and a fourth week, the nation started to think that perhaps there was something fighting for. There was…

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Texas, It Is Time For Change…

TDCJ will not change. Changing the Texas Criminal Justice System will come from the top.
It’s time for federal oversight.

Konscious Kings

In the State of Texas, jail is a big business and the great state loves to lock people up…and for a long time, I might add. Many people that are serving life sentences are first-time offenders. It has been said that young people, especially males, do not reach a full level of maturity until they are at least 25 years old. Look at car insurance companies; the rates are higher until you reach 25, right? Is it possible this is because these young people have more accidents? Could it be that these young people do not demonstrate responsibility? Although these emerging adults make poor decisions, most of the time, they mature and learn to make conscious decisions. A United States Department of Justice report states, “Many juvenile offenders do not continue their law-violating behaviors into adulthood”. This statement alone, proves that young people are not mentally mature enough to make…

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Jones Not Aware Of Further Klan Activity By Prison Guards

Shaun King of Daily Kos said it best: “In light of this, you must remember that a record 346 inmates died in Florida prisons last year—including men and women who were gassed to death, burned to death, and beaten to death, all by staff. It can be hard to really believe that we are in 2015, but this is absolutely our new normal.”

CBS Tampa

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida prisons chief Julie Jones says she knows of no further Ku Klux Klan activity by Florida prison officials besides two guards and a former guard arrested last week last week for plotting to kill a black inmate.

But Jones told the Senate Criminal Justice Committee Tuesday that detecting extremists can be difficult because corrections officials can’t ask about job applicants’ political affiliations. She said the two guards working at the department’s Lake Butler facility when they were arrested hadn’t shown signs of their views in their work.

Under questioning by the committee, she defended department policies for making sure top management is aware of serious incidents and problems in prisons.

The committee was considering confirming Jones’ appointment as corrections secretary and unanimously recommended it to the full Senate.

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TDCJ- The Texas Department of Criminal Justice and PREA

The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) requires prisons, jails and juvenile facilities to carry out a program designed to end sexual assault against prisoners. Sexual assault can be prisoner against prisoner, or prison staff against prisoners.

Half of Sexual Abuse Claims in American Prisons Involve Guards, Study Says

Texas is among states with the highest levels of inmate-on-inmate sexual assault allegations, including four out of the top 21 facilities between 2011 and 2012. However Texas will not sign on to the PREA Act. Instead, they have enacted their own system to prevent rape in prisons. Perry: Texas won’t comply with federal Prison Rape Elimination Act

Texas has not meant the standards as outlined in the PREA Act. Texas will not adopt the nationwide standards to prevent prison rape.  TDCJ is understaffed and strapped for cash. And because Texas will not implement the PREA Act, they will lose funding from the DOJ. “The law’s only enforcement mechanism is a partial loss of grant funding. States that don’t comply with PREA can lose up to 5 percent of the federal grant money they receive for corrections.”  Texas Opts Out Of Federal Prison Rape Law

The next step is federal oversight of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

When, not if.